Paediatric Bathroom Aids

Paediatric bathroom aids help out with toilet time, showers, and baths, with a focus on safety, convenience and comfort. Our bathroom aids will help bring back the fun in having a bath for your child, with everything you may need, from bath and shower chairs with postural support, to lifting aids. Each of Active Rehab’s products ensures your child is safe and secure during showering or bathing. Every product is evaluated based on safety, reliability, and comfort. This way you and your child can enjoy a relaxing shower or bath time.


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Firefly Splashy Portable Bath Seat

Splashy is a portable bath seat for kids with disabilities. It makes their bath-time a ton of fun and a lot easier for grown-ups. Little bath buddies get more space to play together now. Splashy is really compact and sits nice and low in the bath, so it uses less space and less water. And it gets better for mums and dads too. Now that you can lift and store Splashy easily, there’s no bulky equipment permanently hogging the tub anymore. You’ve got your bath back! Download Splashy flyer HERE.

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Leckey Advanced bath chair

The Advance Bath Chair is a paediatric bathroom aid that provides postural support to ensure your child is safe and secure during bath time.

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Seahorse Plus Commode/Showerchair

The next generation ‘Seahorse Plus’ shower & Toilet chair has been redesigned for improved functionality whilst retaining the key benefits of the original Seahorse design.

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Mangar Surfer bather

The Surfer Bather is an air powered children’s bath lift to lower and raise a child into and out of the bath. It has been designed to help parents and carers who previously had to lift the child in and out of the bath themselves.

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Green Bathe

The Green Bathe is a cost-effective, lightweight and durable paediatric bathroom aid for 1-16 year olds with differing postural needs.

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Firefly Splashy Big

Splashy Big is a portable bath seat for kids & teenagers with special needs. Multi-purpose seat for older kids and teenagers With all of the features and benefits of Splashy, Splashy Big opens up many more opportunities for 7-14 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends and family. As your child gets older, Splashy Big can help promote and encourage independence at bath time. Bathing as opposed to showering can facilitate a more dignified approach to washing because it allows your child to control their experience which promotes independent self-care skills and encourages improved self-esteem and well-being. Splashy Big can also be used in the shower or outdoors to give your child access to new environments – it can provide postural support at the beach while your child feels the waves on their feet or digs their toes into the sand. Download flyer HERE.

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The Raz-Cat shower commode is a fully customisable shower commode for kids and young/small adults.

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Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)

The Rifton HTS is the result of many year’s research and clinical experience. It is a unique Tilt-In-Space commode system that has been designed to improve the health and lives of clients and carers.

Starfish Pro Hygiene Chair

A STAR PERFORMER THAT IMPROVES CARE AND EFFICIENCY! The new Starfish Pro has been re-engineered to improve all-round function and convenience for carers. This combined shower and toilet chair has numerous, easy adjusted configurations and a patented seat design that can accommodate the most challenging postures.

Rifton Wave

On the same wavelength. I am your universal bathing and shower bench. I can relax beautifully on my comfortable seating surface. Here you can adjust my back so that it is best for you – even directly whilst bathing. So that you also feel safe, there are different straps available for your chest, pelvis or legs. Of course, there is a headrest too. You can have me with or without a calf pad. My transfer sub-frame offers you ideal support when showering over the bathtub.

Hoggi Sharky

Multifunctional commode for bath and shower use Versatile, practical, and functional! These aspects have been the primary focus throughout the development and engineering of the Sharky Commode system to make it easy and simple to use for parents and caregivers.

Firefly GottaGo

Portable Toilet Seat The GottaGo is a light-weight, portable toilet seat for children with special needs.

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Live Life.

We believe that Active Rehab is a life-enabler. We help you to to live the life you want to live. This is our purpose, or reason for being. We are not just here to sell equipment, we are here to help you live your life.

“So happy with the service and support received from Kelvin and the team at Active Rehab! My son has the best chance of achieving all his goals now!”Jess Eastaugh – Parent

“Charlie is very excited to have her wheelchair. Thanks Active!”Charlie’s Mum

“I would recommend Active Rehab to anyone because of customer service, and products, that makes our son comfortable and secure.”Kara – Parent

Active Rehab have been WONDERFUL! Right from Kelvin helping with the trial, to Malcolm’s help with the final fit.Claire, Melbourne Victoria

“Harry was so excited to receive his little wave today. Zooming everywhere and cornering like a pro! Thanks Team!❤”Katie Bertram, Parent, Stawell

Attending a Zoom meeting for an equipment trial with Darryl. It worked super well using the tablet and phone with myself on the other end. The way I was shown around the equipment was great, felt like I was there. Thank you…Laura Kinnersly, Occupational therapist

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