Firefly Splashy Big

Price: $1,415.00

Splashy Big is a portable bath seat for kids & teenagers with special needs.

Multi-purpose seat for older kids and teenagers

With all of the features and benefits of Splashy, Splashy Big opens up many more opportunities for 7-14 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends and family. As your child gets older, Splashy Big can help promote and encourage independence at bath time. Bathing as opposed to showering can facilitate a more dignified approach to washing because it allows your child to control their experience which promotes independent self-care skills and encourages improved self-esteem and well-being. Splashy Big can also be used in the shower or outdoors to give your child access to new environments – it can provide postural support at the beach while your child feels the waves on their feet or digs their toes into the sand. Download flyer HERE.

Product Overview

  • Suitable for kids and teenagers aged 7-14 years old with a max. user weight of 55kg/121lbs.
  • Warm-touch, quick-drying covering material makes it suitable for any water environment.
  • Splashy Big’s floorsitter has 26 recline positions, from upright (106°) to right back (140°).

Countless possibilities…

Splashy Big isn’t just for the bath or shower, it can be used at the beach, in the pool or for messy play activities. We’ve even seen it being used in the snow and at water adventure parks.

Functional Floorsitter

Splashy Big’s 26 recline options mean that even teens with reduced head control or sitting ability are able to use Splashy Big. Choose a recline setting which suits your child’s activity – you can quickly and easily adjust positions for relaxing or washing. The new Splashy Big stabiliser feature provides additional stability when used outside of the bath.

Safe, Comfy and Secure…

Splashy Big’s warm-touch, quick-dry foam covering feels soft whether it’s wet or dry. The sculpted shape provides a comfortable and supportive sitting position.

Splashy Big grows with your child

The harness and bumper supports are easily attached using toggles, meaning you can adjust Splashy Big’s supports as your child grows into their teens. The new stabiliser features provides additional stability when used outside the bath.

5-Point Harness

The Splashy Big harness adapts to your child’s postural support needs, with the option of a 5-point or the 3-point pelvic support.

Bumper Supports

4 x detachable ‘bumper’ supports for use anywhere on the seat where support is required (i.e. head rest, pommel or anti-slide shelf). Additional bumper supports are available to purchase as accessories.