Rifton Support Station

Dignity. Convenience. Possibilities.

The Support Station brings new dignity, convenience and possibilities to hygiene care for people with disabilities.The Support Station’s unique features enable even partially weight-bearing individuals to receive hygiene care or a diaper change in an upright position – making the process more dignified, improving access to clothing and skin, and eliminating heavy lifting on the part of the caregiver. 


With the Support Station clients assist in the sit-to-stand transfer using their own strength and skills to participate in their care. Over time clients using the Support Station actually improve their standing and toileting skills – paving the way for greater independence and better health.

Install the Support Station to use with a rolling commode or as a transfer aid to a stationary toilet.
In facilities around the country the Support Station is making a dramatic difference for clients with disabilities and their caregivers.

See what a difference 90° can make.

  • Greater dignity and independence: Putting an end to infant-like, horizontal hygiene can have dramatic emotional benefits. Even people with very limited weight-bearing ability can now participate in their own personal care.
  • Improved safety for caregivers: Eliminating transfers to a mat or changing table means less lifting and wrestling with clothing, plus clothing and skin are more accessible – so the process is healthier for everyone.
  • Practice in strength and skill building: Using their own strength and skills to transfer and support themselves users improve weight-bearing and motor skills over time.
  • Less time out: Faster than horizontal diapering the Support Station lets everyone spend less time on hygiene and more time in class, in therapy or simply enjoying life.


  • Self-assisted transfers are enabled by the Support Station. Hand slots, elbow curves, and optional handholds on the padded trunk board provide versatile options for self-support to accomodate clients’ varying needs. Even users with limited hand control can assist by transferring from their wheelchair to a toilet or commode, or by remaining upright for diapering.
  • Adjust the trunk board angle using the upper handles. Adjust the trunk board height using the lower handles with a safety trigger. The trunk board adjusts from 26″ to 45″ above the floor.
  • Numbered calibrations indicate the height of the trunk board from the floor. Adjust trunk board height by using the lower pair of black handles on the Support Station frame. A safety trigger prevents accidental release of the height adjustment handle.
  • The Support Station’s frame and upholstery include antimicrobial materials and are designed for thorough, easy cleaning.
  • The Support Station folds up flat against the wall when not in use.
  • In either configuration the Support Station trunk board can be adjusted by sliding it up or down the vertical posts so that it is either horizontal or vertical to the floor – or at any angle in between. Thus a client can be encouraged to assume a more upright posture.
  • After a simple transfer even a large, non-weight-bearing client is in a comfortable, more dignified and accessible position for hygiene care with the help of the Support Station.
  • With the trunk board in a nearly horizontal position, even a large, non-weight-bearing client is able to use the Support Station for toilet transfers. A support strap with buckle lends added safety while a caregiver adjusts clothing.

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