Rifton HTS (Hygiene & Toileting System)

The Rifton HTS is the result of many year's research and clinical experience. It is a unique Tilt-In-Space commode system that has been designed to improve the health and lives of clients and carers.

As one of the most advanced toileting systems available today, the Rifton HTS is renowned for being comfortable and supportive.  The Tilt-In-Space base option has a gas assisted cylinder that tilts up to 5o forward for easier transfer, as well as 25back for showering and hair washing.  It is hygienic, versatile and adaptable to most toilets.

Many elements of the HTS are designed to fit a wide range of sizes, body types and special needs – allowing room for growth over time.

Key Features

    • The Rifton HTS is highly versatile and adaptable because it can be placed directly on to most toilets (standard or elongated), which enables the client to use the same toilet as the rest of the family.
    • Mounting bars for easy, secure attachment of the chair to toilet bases.
    • Easy removal – no tools required.
    • Equally as easy to use as a stand-alone commode. The mobile base and commode pan allow for use in most places – not just the bathroom.
    • Tilt-In-Space forward and backward (up to 15 degrees) which make it ideal for transfer, showering and hair washing.
    • Selection of bases make the Rifton HTS adaptable to a wide range of needs and budgets.
    • Portability kit in a canvas bag – a first for this kind of product. – for easy transportation.
    • Hygienic and unique design of the seat pad opening (open to the rear) facilitates easy access for cleaning and hygiene while clients are still seated and relaxed.
    • Stainless steel and aluminium welded and powder-coated frames give the Rifton HTS exceptional durability.
    • Optional molded skin foam pads for back seat provide comfort for both client and carer.
    • Three sizes available: Z110 Small; Z120 Mediium; Z130 Large.


  • Curved headrest provides support for clients with limited head control and adjusts in several directions: height, anterior/posterior positions, up or down.
  • Padded anterior support/tray promotes the forward leaning positioning that best facilitates the toileting process.
  • Independently adjustable lateral supports secure clients with limited trunk control. Laterals come in two sizes (small or large), with or without strap.
  • Seat and back pads are waterproof, cushioned and easily removed. An optional design features a closed seat back and narrower hole for clients that need more support when sitting.
  • Chest strap and lateral supports enable clients without upper torso control to gain added trunk support and security to help correct spinal alignment.
  • Hip guides tailor the chair to the size and shape of each client, allowing years of continual use as the client grows.
  • Deflectors keep caregiver and client clean during urination. Options include a low deflector built into the seat cover, a removable soft standard deflector and a splash guard that attaches to the seat belt.
  • Abductor helps separate the knees and helps control leg muscles, prevent scissoring of legs and promote good joint and body alignment. Made of soft skin foam, it also connects to the standard deflector to maintain cleanliness.
  • Calfrest and ankle straps enhance comfort and sense of security while ankle straps secure feet for children with limited muscle control and excursion movement, while improving independence in postural control.
  • Footboard which bears weight (up to 68kg) for front loading transfers and flips back for sit-to-stand. It adjusts in two dimensions (height and knee angle)
  • 125mm castors available which gives an extra 80mm height and assists with manoeuvrability, especially the large size.