Hoggi Sharky

Multifunctional commode for bath and shower use

Versatile, practical, and functional! These aspects have been the primary focus throughout the development and engineering of the Sharky Commode system to make it easy and simple to use for parents and caregivers.

The Sharky features a 45° tilt-in-space mechanism with locking bolts, guaranteeing safe tilting of the user whilst showering.

Height adjustment is easy to operate and the Sharky’s two stainless steel gas pressure springs make it comfortable to control.

The Sharky has multifunctional applications, being able to be adapted for use over a toilet and in a bath. The bath frame adaptor along with the slim design of the removable seat makes it very easy to use in the bathtub, and with the seat unit so close to the tub floor, water consumption is reduced by not needing to fill the tub with as much water.

Unique amongst shower and bath commodes, the Sharky is easy to fold and reduces to a very compact folding size with a height of just 28 cm, all while having the seat still attached

Sharky Bath Subframe with seat angle adjustment

Sharky Toilet Adapter

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