Paediatric lifestyle products provide a entire lifestyle package that aids in the full and total development of your child. Our bright easy-to-use therapy aids will give the benefit of family participation and to be a part of those special family times, and include major brands such as Firefly.


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Firefly Upsee

The mobility device changing people’s lives worldwide. Upsee is an upright mobility device designed to allow children with motor impairment to stand and move with the help of an adult.

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Firefly GoTo Seat

GoTo Seat is a postural support seat for kids with special needs. Adjustable seats for kids with ‘can go’ attitudes GoTo Seat is a lightweight, portable, postural support seat for children with special needs. A GoTo makes daily tasks easier, and means kids don’t need to miss out. It’s a little piece of independence that lets kids see the world from a new perspective and feel they’re at the heart of the action. Families worldwide use their GoTo seats in shopping trolleys, swings, planes, trikes, dining tables and so much more. A GoTo Seat makes your daily tasks easier and keeps your little one involved. GoTo Seat now comes standard with the floor sitter and pressure care cushion  

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Firefly Playpak

Portable Activity Kit Playpak is a portable activity kit for babies and young kids with special needs, for at home or on the go! Playpak helps babies and young children develop through play. This lightweight bag contains an entire activity centre. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports that stick together in dozens of ways and let your child practice different developmental postures which form the building blocks for later abilities.  Playpak also comes with a handy therapy guide, featuring advice and easy-to-use instructions that show you how to use each clever little piece to create different sitting and lying positions, as well as how to perform all the recommended developmental games with your child. Playpak is also more than just practical, it looks great too. It definitely doesn’t look like therapy equipment, and won’t attract any sideways glances!

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Firefly Scooot

4-in-1 Mobility Rider Scooot is a 4-in-1 Mobility rider for kids with special needs. Independence is how we roll Scooot is designed to help children with special needs play, explore and participate in a way that best suits their physical and cognitive abilities. Scooot’s 4-in-1 design means 4-times the fun and 4-times as many chances to fulfil potential. Scooot has four cool configurations: Scoot, Crawl, Ride, and Pooosh. Your child will benefit from the experience Scooot can provide them with – whether that’s being at floor level, being able to self-propel a little, or even being able to move around independently or being pushed around their surroundings. Download Scooot Flyer HERE In the Scooot package you get the 4 in 1 Scooot with the advanced backrest

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Firefly Splashy Portable Bath Seat

Splashy is a portable bath seat for kids with disabilities. It makes their bath-time a ton of fun and a lot easier for grown-ups. Little bath buddies get more space to play together now. Splashy is really compact and sits nice and low in the bath, so it uses less space and less water. And it gets better for mums and dads too. Now that you can lift and store Splashy easily, there’s no bulky equipment permanently hogging the tub anymore. You’ve got your bath back! Download Splashy flyer HERE.

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Firefly GoTo Seat Vinyl

The GoTo seat is a much-loved lightweight, portable, postural support solution for children with special needs. The new GoTo Vinyl option is still all of those things, with an added bonus of being wipe-clean. Perfect for school, nursery, therapy and a busy household. Note: the GoTo seat now comes in a package with the pressure care cushion and floor sitter included

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Firefly WeGo Stroller

Lightweight and portable pushchair for kids with special needs. WeGo: The GoTo Seat’s New Wheels WeGo is a cool pushchair designed for your GoTo Seat. It’s as lightweight, portable and snazzy-looking as any typical pushchair. But it has some hidden surprises. First, you can clip your GoTo into it. So your little one gets all that GoTo support and comfort they love, but now they get it going around parks, shops and anywhere. It even reclines up to 140 degrees for napping or changing. Don’t need postural support? That’s okay too. Without the GoTo Seat, it still supports kids with mobility issues up to 30kg, way more than most pushchairs. (Please note: The GoTo seat doesn’t come with the WeGo, its a separate product you buy separately)

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Firefly Splashy Big

Splashy Big is a portable bath seat for kids & teenagers with special needs. Multi-purpose seat for older kids and teenagers With all of the features and benefits of Splashy, Splashy Big opens up many more opportunities for 7-14 year olds who want to participate in fun activities with friends and family. As your child gets older, Splashy Big can help promote and encourage independence at bath time. Bathing as opposed to showering can facilitate a more dignified approach to washing because it allows your child to control their experience which promotes independent self-care skills and encourages improved self-esteem and well-being. Splashy Big can also be used in the shower or outdoors to give your child access to new environments – it can provide postural support at the beach while your child feels the waves on their feet or digs their toes into the sand. Download flyer HERE.

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Firefly Backpack

Lightweight backpack Ultralight, machine washable and comfortable backpack designed for Splashy or GoTo Seat.

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Firefly GottaGo

Portable Toilet Seat The GottaGo is a light-weight, portable toilet seat for children with special needs.

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Live Life.

We believe that Active Rehab is a life-enabler. We help you to to live the life you want to live. This is our purpose, or reason for being. We are not just here to sell equipment, we are here to help you live your life.

“So happy with the service and support received from Kelvin and the team at Active Rehab! My son has the best chance of achieving all his goals now!”Jess Eastaugh – Parent

“Charlie is very excited to have her wheelchair. Thanks Active!”Charlie’s Mum

“I would recommend Active Rehab to anyone because of customer service, and products, that makes our son comfortable and secure.”Kara – Parent

Active Rehab have been WONDERFUL! Right from Kelvin helping with the trial, to Malcolm’s help with the final fit.Claire, Melbourne Victoria

“Harry was so excited to receive his little wave today. Zooming everywhere and cornering like a pro! Thanks Team!❤”Katie Bertram, Parent, Stawell

Attending a Zoom meeting for an equipment trial with Darryl. It worked super well using the tablet and phone with myself on the other end. The way I was shown around the equipment was great, felt like I was there. Thank you…Laura Kinnersly, Occupational therapist

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