Mangar Surfer bather

Product Code: SURFB

The Surfer Bather is an air powered children’s bath lift to lower and raise a child into and out of the bath. It has been designed to help parents and carers who previously had to lift the child in and out of the bath themselves.

The Surfer Bather is an elevating power paediatric bathroom aid that minimises moving and handling risks for parents and carers. The Surfer helps make bath time fun again by assisting parents who have trouble lifting their child in and out of the bath thanks to a power lift that is operated by low air pressure using a battery powered source. Your child can be secured in the device when transfering in and out of the bath as well as during the bathing process.

Operated by the Airflo compressor, the Surfer Bather provides a steady and stable ride for the child. It requires no installation so can be removed to allow other members of the household to use the bath. The product has an adjustable backrest which can also lie flat giving the child a range of provisions to choose from for their individual comfort. Different headrests, protective harnesses and pommels are available to help in positioning the child.

Key Features

  • Lowers the child right to the bottom of the bath
  • Requires no permanent installation so it can be removed for other members of the household to use the bath
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Adjustable backrest can lie flat for optimal comfort according to individual needs
  • Headrests, protective harnesses and pommels help position the child
  • Fully waterproof hand control
  • Comfortable padded seat

Benefits of the Surfer Bather

The Surfer Bather is a bathing aid designed to hold a child securely as they are lifted in and out of the bath, making bath time safe for both the child and carer as it reduces the risk of back injury when lifting. With a safe environment, the emphasis can really be made on making bathing a fun and enjoyable part of the day.

Who can use it?

It’s ideal for parents and carers who struggle to lift their child in and out of the bath. The bathing aid can be removed when it’s not in use, making it the perfect solution for a family setting with a shared family bathroom.


Type Overall Length Platform Width Height Range Backrest Angle Maximum User Height Maximum User Weight
Bathroom Aid 114cm 41/68.5cm 6-43cm Flat-70 degrees 135cm 50kg
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