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The Young Girl Whose Performance Reduced an Entire Crowd to Tears

When Lorelai Mosnegutu took to the stage for Romania’s Got Talent, no one had any idea what to expect. Five minutes later, the entire room was in tears.

The audience was silent as Lorelai took to the stage, sharing astounded glances when she seated herself in front of a piano. The young girl in front of them had no arms, and had delicately placed her feet upon the keys to play music for the crowd. And when Lorelai opened her mouth to sing, her angelic tones moved the audience from hushed awe to raw emotion.

A difficult start to life

Fourteen-year-old Lorelai was born in Romania, and was abandoned by her mother once she realised that her daughter had been born with both arms missing. A kindly social worker eventually adopted Lorelai, who gave her the love – and the life – that her biological mother was unable to provide. The young girl was also late to speak, and didn’t find her voice until she was three years old. Against all the odds, Lorelai and Mama Vio became an unbeatable team.

Lorelai thrives with Mama Vio’s support

Lorelai’s adoptive mother was determined to give her the best life possible, supporting her development and encouraging her drive to be the best version of herself despite her physical differences. At six months of age “Mama Vio” was pushing pencils between her toes and teaching her how to control their movement. With determination, Lorelai learnt to play the piano with her feet, as well as using a laptop and painting.

A triumph of the human spirit

None of this history was apparent to the audience when Lorelai first stepped out on the Romania’s Got Talent stage, and many looked on with pitying glances at first. Once the full extent of her talent was clear, the looks of pity turned into looks of admiration and awe, and soon many audience members were openly weeping – so moved by the talented young girl and her special gift. One of the judges even responded with the Golden Buzzer, the ultimate compliment on the talent show.

Lorelai’s incredible story is a reminder of what the human spirit is capable of, even under the most difficult of circumstances. With determination, grit and lashings of natural talent, Lorelai has worked hard to make sure that she can share her musical gifts with the world.

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