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BodiTrak2 Pressure Mapping

You can position with confidence with our pressure mapping system. Book an appointment today!

What is Pressure Mapping?

Pressure mapping is the display and visualization of the pressures where two surfaces meet. This allows medical professionals to obtain accurate pressure data between the patient’s body and their seating/sleeping surfaces. This allows you to position patients in the right equipment and in the right position knowing exactly how their pressure is placed.

Why use pressure mapping?

Pressure mapping helps medical professionals quickly identify where a client may develop pressure injuries. When a client is at risk of pressure injuries pressure mapping helps the professionals to selected the appropriate seating and night time equipment to provide the necessary protection against pressure injuries. Pressure injuries are a serious risk to clients and will cause great discomfort and have a negative impact on their health. We can together work towards prevention by doing pressure mapping and prescribing the right equipment, before the pressure injuries appear.

How can Active Rehab help?

We have recently purchased our own pressure mapping kits for both beds and seating meaning we are now offering appointments where we can bring out our specalised kits and pressure map your clients. This will ensure you select and prescribe the right equipment for your client, knowing that your client is in the best position to avoid pressure injuries, and live a more comfortable life.

Pressure mapping assessment $325.00 + callout (80per hour traveled)

Night time/ lying pressure mapping

Innovative bedside pressure mapping technology that provides early detection to help lower risk and improve patient care.

  • Quick, flexible and easy real-time pressure monitoring can take the guesswork out of pressure injury prevention
  • Identify areas of high risk by monitoring shear forces and risk based on the Reswick Rogers curve
  • Built in Smart Bed Fabric sensor that monitors body’s pressure to identify areas of high risk.

Wheelchair/Seating system pressure mapping

Manage the risk of tissue trauma and improve quality of life. Easy to use software quickly helps identify and document where patients may be at risk and the effective solutions in equipment and positioning to manage the risk.

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