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Meet Breanna

Eight-year-old Breanaa Vogel Goldsworthy from the Cook Islands has cerebral palsy, which describes a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture, her brain was damaged which has affected her speech and body movements. Breanaa cant swallow much and is fed through a tube with milk specially brought in for her from Aotearoa.

New wheels for Breanaa!

We are proud to be a part of the team that donated a brand new customised Little Wave Flip wheelchair. Breanaa actually got to choose the colour – purple, using her Eye Gaze computer device.

Her new wheelchair is highly customised which has the ability to tilt backwards which helps position her head in just the right position for holding her head up and looking around and being involved in things.

We were one of two companies to have generously donated Breanaa’s new wheelchair – Active Rehab donated the base of the wheelchair, the frame and the wheels, and Medi Fab from New Zealand donated all of the seating the cushions, the back rest and head rest. Sue Fairhall from Altus Trust also helped source the seating.

Her parents commented, “We need help with a child like Breanna, she has high needs and this equipment is very expensive, we have been very lucky.”

Vogel says they would like to create awareness for other families who have a child with cerebral palsy.

“We know there are other families out there who need assistance and we would like to give them hope.”

It’s collaborations like this that fuel our passion for providing ‘rehab equipment tailored to for your life’.

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Image: Breanaa Goldsworthy’s new customised wheelchair. From left: Gavin and Kelly (Physiotherapist) Reynolds, Breanaa’s grandmother Metua Goldsworthy, Mata Vogel and Ngavaine Akarare


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