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The Father and Son Team Conquering Kokoda for Cerebral Palsy

Max Sherman and his Dad are on a mission to raise funds for cerebral palsy. Together, they plan to conquer Kokoda, with seven year old Max riding on his dad’s back.

Like all kids, Max Sherman loves adventure. In fact, he loves adventure so much that he and his dad Michael have decided to conquer the tough Kokoda Track together. Everyone who has ever attempted Kokoda makes no secret of just how challenging it is, but this time things are a little bit different – Max has cerebral palsy, and Michael plans to carry him in a backpack.


“Max on a Mission” raising funds for kids with cerebral palsy

Max and Michael’s epic undertaking is all for a good cause, and the pair will join other family and friends with Kokoda Courage on August 15, with the aim of raising $420,000 as part of their fundraising efforts under the banner “Max on a Mission”.  The funds will not only assist Max, but will also help change the lives of 15 other children who are living with cerebral palsy, giving them access to vital therapies that can improve their condition. Of particular interest is a new therapeutic aid called the Therasuit, which Max has been using as part of his treatment to great effect.


The space age technology making great strides in therapy

With the help of the Therasuit, Max has made improvements in mobility, walking small distances unaided and riding a regular bike with training wheels. The unique design was adapted from a Russian space suit that counteracts the harmful effects of weightlessness on the body after returning from long periods in space. Remarkably, this has been refined into a therapeutic aid that can help children with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disorders. The suit has a vest, shorts, knee pads, shoe attachments, hat, and uses bungees to correctly align and load the body during physical therapy.

A year’s worth of therapy with the Therasuit costs $30 000, so Max on a Mission is trying to make this possible for 15 other children. The boys are continuing their preparations for the grueling 98km trek, while also raising funds through the sale of branded travel coffee mugs. To follow Michael and Max on their journey or to help them out with fundraising, follow their Facebook page at

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