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The Countdown is on for the 2018 Deaf Games

The 18th Deaf Games gets underway in January ’18

With the 18th annual Deaf Games set to take place in January 2018, athletes are ramping up their training in advance of the opening ceremony. The games are a key showcase for the deaf and hard of hearing community, giving them a platform to compete at the highest level in Australia – and also offers the opportunity to secure a place on the Australian Deaflympic Team.

The event attracts more than 1000 participants across 20 sports, including cricket, basketball, touch football, netball, athletics, tennis and golf. To be eligible to participate, athletes must have a hearing loss of 40 decibels or more in their better ear. And not just for those with a hearing impairment, athletes with vision impairment are also eligible to compete with a guide.

Triathlon introduced for the first time in 2018

With a nod to its ever-growing popularity in Australia, the triathlon has been added to the calendar of events for the Deaf Games in 2018. Debuting as an exhibition event in January, the triathlon will see participants swimming, cycling and running for their chance to take the podium as inaugural gold place winner, with many expected to register.

Triathlon Australia is an organisation that has a proud history of promoting equal opportunity and inclusion. They lobbied enthusiastically for the event to make the Deaf Games schedule, in a successful partnership with Deaf Sports Australia. A key player was Paralympian gold medal winner Katie Kelly, who has been involved in triathlon for more than 20 years.

The games are expected to generate millions of dollars of revenue for the local economy, and – like all sports-obsessed Australians – the entire town is thrilled to be hosting the elite event. For more information about the schedule of events you can visit

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