Schuchmann Malte

I am your versatile posterior walking aid.

I am always there for you – even from your first year of life. Walking is my biggest hobby. It doesn’t matter where you want to go; I will follow you. If you support yourself on my handles, you will quickly notice how I take on your body weight. In addition, my special abducted frame shape supports you so that you don’t swing outwards when walking. My pelvic pelotte pad ensures that you walk upright and straight. Cool, aren’t !?!

What malte. can do:

  • For children from early support up to adolescence:
    Available in five sizes
  • For more support:
    The abducted frame design aids in walking and prevents oscillation to outward swinging; a directional lock facilitates directional stability
  • For easy transport:
    The aluminium frame can easily be folded up via folding joints
  • For extra safety:
    A backwards stop prevents unwanted rolling back; lower armrests with grips
  • To support the standing and walking position:
    The padded bench can be easily folded back; EVA steering wheels make the walking aid manoeuvrable
  • For more variety:
    The posterior pelotte pad can become a backrest in one single easy step

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