Flux walker

Product Code: FWALKER

The Flux Walker is a paediatric walking aid that promotes natural walking through posterior support.

The Flux (Elite) walker is a walking aid that promotes natural walking. Opening out in walking direction and optically and physically free from interfering structural parts Flux (Elite) encourages upright posture and natural walking mo­vements.

The child‘s residual functions are efficiently utilised and promoted. The most sturdy (but still very light) frame construction with a cross member in the rear frame conveys immediate safety and promotes a safe walking movement.


  • Folding mechanism with safety lock eases transportation and storage.
  • Promotes natural walking
  • Stable and sturdy frame
  • Very reliable working reverse-roll locks
  • Grows with your child
  • 4 sizes

Flux (Elite) offers a complete range of accessories including:

  • Bumper wheels to protect furniture and door frames
  • Carrier, foldable; also carries a schoolbag
  • Dynamic hip control support
  • Sling seat
  • Hip and bottom pad
  • Forearm supports with hand grips
  • Friction brake
  • Driving brake hand control
  • Castor swivel lock
  • Anti-tippers
  • Fold up seat
  • Universal grips allow width adjustment of grip position
  • Basket

Type Foldable 4 Sizes Available Grip Height Total Weight Maximum User Weight
Walking Aid Yes S1 43-68cm S2 51-88cm S3 62-94cm S4 75-102cm S1 6.5kg S2 6.8kg S3 7.1g S4 9.1kg S1 60kg S2 75kg S3 75kg S4 100kg
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