Schuchmann Malte Outdoor

I am your outdoor posterior walking aid.

Just like my brother, I am always with you when you really want to get moving, and will offer you the best-possible support to do so. Thanks to my outdoor outfit, I am happiest outdoors, and am the perfect companion for a walk: my large wheels will roll along any surface and my drum and parking brakes provide additional security.

What malte outdoor. can do:

  • For extra safety:
    Parking brake for stability; EVA rear wheels with drum brake; the optional tilt guard protects against tilting back
  • For easy transport:
    The aluminium frame can easily be folded up
  • For stability:
    The optional backwards stop prevents unwanted rolling back
  • For outdoor adventure:
    Tyres: Special dimensions for outdoor use; gait trainer with outdoor approval
  • For extra comfort:
    The padded bench can be easily folded back

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