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Paralympian’s Goal to Improve Accessibility in Australia

Dylan Alcott doesn’t do things by half. The three-time Paralympic gold medalist has medals in both tennis and basketball, as well as being a business owner, Australian Open champion, philanthropist and motivational speaker. You can add change agent and activist to that impressive resume, because his next challenge is to advocate for disabled people in the form of two new organisations: The Dylan Alcott Foundation and Get Skilled Access.

The Dylan Alcott Foundation: Funding Young People With Promise

The Dylan Alcott Foundation is a charitable organisation dedicated to helping young people with disabilities. The foundation identifies young people who would benefit from additional financial support, which comes in the form of scholarships and tax-free funding for sporting equipment and education. Dylan recalls being a teenager who was interested in sport: while other kids could get away with spending $100 on a new pair of soccer boots, Dylan needed $8000 for a new wheelchair. His foundation hopes to fill the gaps for kids who have additional needs.

Get Skilled Access: Sensitivity Training and Improved Services

Dylan hopes to normalise disability, and a big part of this involves delivering education and training to able-bodied people. His Get Skilled Access team go out into organisations with the aim of shaping cultures and attitudes towards accessibility and disability. Unlike other training programs, all of their speakers are disabled themselves, because Dylan is passionate about disabled people speaking about their own experiences in their own voices. This training is part of an over-arching strategy to normalise disability and change workplace cultures.

Dylan continues to move forward, and the organisations he started will truly make a difference in the lives of disabled people. His determination and drive to succeed in the sporting arena has become a crucial asset in his new roles as activist, speaker and entrepreneur. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

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