You are currently viewing Introducing “Amazing Things Happen”, a Short Film About Autism

Introducing “Amazing Things Happen”, a Short Film About Autism

A fantastic introduction to autism, “Amazing Things Happen” is a little film with a big message. Designed to educate and promote empathy, it’s essential viewing for kids.

“Amazing Things Happen”: a short film about autism

“Amazing Things Happen” is a five minute short film aimed at teaching young children about the autism spectrum. Framed in an open and non-judgemental way, the film has also been translated into a vast number of languages. It uses kid-friendly terminology and fun graphics to explain what life looks like to a child with autism, in order to foster empathy and understanding.

The short film was released to universal acclaim in April 2017, timed to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day. Available for free streaming or download online, the film is a fun and quirky exploration of autism, an educational tool that uses simple descriptions, relatable situations and positive language aimed at 7 – 11 year old children.

Introducing Alex Amelines, the Animation Director

“Amazing Things Happen” is the brainchild of independent animation director Alex Amelines. Bringing together his love of cartoons, animation and short film, the video was a two year long labour of love that consumed most of his spare time. This generosity of spirit extended to sharing the film under a creative commons license, allowing people to view and share it for free.

Alex identified the need for an educational resource directed at primary school aged children, and decided to do something about it. “After talking with the SENCO at my child’s school, it became clear that there was a lack of engaging visual material about autism for children, which is a shame because it seems the perfect stage to plant the seeds of tolerance and understanding for later life”.

“Amazing Things Happen” has struck a chord with children, parents and teachers throughout the world, and continues to be shared across the internet and via social media. To view the film visit www.

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