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GoTo Seat and Upsee Provide Support to Children in Need

You might have never heard of them, but the GoTo Seat and the UpSee are two new innovations that are quietly changing lives all around the world. While they differ in their design, they both share the same goal – to help children who require postural support. We take a look at the two amazing inventions which have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for children and families across the globe.

What is the Upsee?

The Upsee was the brainchild of Israeli mother Debby Elnatan, mother to a little boy with cerebral palsy. Her unique design allows children with mobility issues to experience the sensation of walking while being safely tethered to an adult. Elnatan began working on the harness when her son was two years old, the idea coming to her after doctors urged her to strengthen his limbs. The UpSee includes sandals that hold the adult and child’s feet so they can step in synch, while the child is supported and both pairs of hands remain free. The design has since gone global, changing the lives of children and carers across the world.

Success Story #1: Savannah takes her first steps with the UpSee

Eight year-old Savannah West was born with a mystery illness that left her unable to walk or talk. Recently, her father purchased the revolutionary harness that would change her life, allowing her to move without the use of a wheelchair for the very first time. The uniquely designed harness enables her father to strap Savannah to his feet, supporting her as it offers the ability to experience the sensation of walking. She is unable to support her own weight, which is where the harness comes into its own – the Upsee holds her upright, moving in sync with her father’s steps as they stroll around the streets of Hull.

What is the GoTo Seat?

The GoTo Seat provides assistance for kids who require postural support. Looking similar to a lightweight car seat, the GoTo is a portable seat that facilitates inclusion for children who need help sitting independently. Easily thrown in the back of the car, the GoTo Seat can be used in shopping carts, swings, dining chairs and even at the beach. The other great thing about the GoTo Seat is that it is approved by a number of airlines including Jet2, Easyjet, Ryan Air, Air Canada, West Jet, Singapore Airlines and Thomson (though it is always best to check with individual carriers beforehand).

Success Story #2: Sophia sits independently with the GoTo

Sophia is a gorgeous little one-year old girl with Down Syndrome. She has been attending physical therapy three times a week, with the goal of developing her overall strength, head and trunk control, motor planning and coordination skills. A master at rolling, Sophia still needs help to sit independently, which is where the GoTo Seat comes in. With the help of the GoTo Seat, Sophia quickly developed postural muscle strength throughout her midline, improving her overall balance. After just three weeks she was able to sit with her hands on a yoga block for five seconds, and is now able to sit independently for up to 20 seconds at a time.

The GoTo Seat and the UpSee are two impressive examples of innovative design that can make life easier for children who require postural support. Lightweight and easily transportable, they make daily tasks that little bit easier and give children the enhanced opportunity to participate in everyday life.

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