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Exciting NEWS! 

Welcome to the Active Rehab Centre Of Learning!  We believe that education and training can go a long way in supporting those with special needs. We can all do with extra training and a brush up on skills. The more we can all learn, the better we will all be at providing families with special needs the exact outcomes they need to enable them to “Live Life”.
We have a range of training sessions already organised. scroll down to find out more

What does this mean for you? 

We are going to be working on organising more training days for therapists. We will be organising a range of therapy days with clinical educators, and other professionals in the field. 
While Covid 19 continues to impact our life and meeting face to face. There will be a range of zoom sessions and a few face to face pending the Government guidelines. 

What do we have planned already? 

We have 3 Zoom training sessions organised for next month, and 3 hands on sessions here at Active Rehab, with more to more to come! Watch this space.👏
 Find out more and register by clicking on the meetings below

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