Schuchmann Momo Motion Tricycle

For extra support.

I am your tried-and-tested tricycle with E-drive.
I am here to help when you start to get tired. Whether on short or longs trips into town or the in countryside. Because I have a silent direct drive, you can enjoy your days out without being disturbed. In addition, my optional start-up assistance supports you, so that you get the tour started. For experienced drivers, my drive is also available in an “advanced version”. This gives your a more powerful drive. Even my “beginner version” can be controlled in the Eco, standard or power mode using the display.

What the momo motion. can do:

  • For more individuality:
    A varied range of accessories and individual equipment: Handlebars, saddles, foot pans and headrests
  • For a light weight:
    Frame made from lightweight, highly robust aluminium
  • For agile movements:
    Optimised geometry for easy transfer, a good sitting position and high manoeuvrability
  • For an individual drive:
    E-drive is available with and without start-up assistance. Additional choice between beginner and advanced version.
  • For easy and quiet running:
    High-quality chain guide and a silent DirectPower E-drive from Heinzmann
  • For comfortable and independent access:
    Low access level as standard
  • For optimum support:
    Saddles come in different shapes and sizes; handlebars are available in many different versions
  • For extra stability:
    Support to keep the upper body upright

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