Schuchmann Momo Tricycle

Let’s go for a little ride.

I am your cool tricycle.
I can be there for you whenever you want to take a ride around your streets or a lake. It’s fun, but we also train and mobilise your joints, musculature and your circulation. You can also select me in very different versions, saddle sizes, handlebar types and colours. Your age doesn’t matter, because I am available in lots of different sizes: for children, adolescents and adults.

What the momo tricycle. can do:

  • For more individuality:
    A varied range of accessories and individual equipment: Handlebars, saddles, foot pans, headrests and various drives
  • For a light weight:
    Frame made from lightweight, highly robust aluminium
  • For agile movements:
    Optimised geometry for easy transfer, a good sitting position and high manoeuvrability
  • For an individual drive:
    From a rigid drive via a 7-gear freewheel brake hub, right up to electrical support
  • For easy and quiet running:
    High-quality chain guide
  • For comfortable and independent access:
    Low access level as standard
  • For optimum support:
    Saddles come in different shapes and sizes; handlebars are available in many different versions
  • For extra stability:
    Support to keep the upper body upright

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