Schuchmann Madita

I am the therapy chair that grows with you.

I really love accompanying you as a small child or adolescent. That’s why I am available in four different sizes. The great thing about me is that my seat can tilt forwards or to the rear – it’s really easy to do this using a lever. And I can do this so far that you can actually lie down and relax. I can be raised and lowered so that you can always be in the centre of whatever is going on. I can also help you to train your back musculature: to do this, remove my backrest – it’s a quick and easy process.

What madita. can do:

  • For a stable and upright sitting position:
    Thorax pelotte pads 
  • For the needs of every child:
    Foot pedal for height adjustment; the seat surface can be individually adjusted
  • For extra comfort:
    The headrest can be adjusted in height, depth and angle; the foot support is for good positioning of the feet
  • To activate the back muscles:
    Back unit, also optionally removable, can be adjusted in angle and height
  • For easy transfer:
    Push handle and castors in various sizes
  • For more options:
    The therapy table offers a lot of space for activities
  • For extra safety:
    The pelvis strap provides the necessary security; the base frame is compact and sturdily built

Madita Fun. (Madita with a high low base)

I am your integrative therapy chair.

Whether at the breakfast table or in the play corner; I will place you on a level with your friends. I will move you up and down. It’s easy due thanks to the support from gas pressure springs. Use my lever to tip me forwards or backwards. I can be adapted to your body and also to your tastes: I am available in lots of great colours. Did you know that my backrest can be removed? This trains your back musculature and helps you to sit up straight.

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