Jenx Atom

A modular seating system for users 6 months - 5 years

Modern, child centred styling combined with a comprehensive range of support options make Atom the ideal seating system to give children with additional postural needs the right amount of support to develop correct seating posture and function.

Wipe clean covers as standard mean any messy play or other soiling can be easily cleaned; antimicrobial agents in the covers give additional peace of mind when Atom is placed in a multi-user environment.

Recognising that children grow and develop at the quickest rate in their infant years, all support structures are easily adjusted, added or removed. This ensures each child is getting the correct support at any given time and can accommodate changes in their postural needs caused by periods of growth.

Head Positioning

From a simple contoured pad through to our innovative Multigrip™ Head Supports Jenx offer a number of solutions that adapt to changing head positioning needs and give confidence that should a child’s condition change there will be a solution within the standard Jenx range

Trunk Positioning

All trunk positioning accessories are optional and are intended to offer just the right level of support. Consider the High-Rise Thoracic Support Pads where minimal lateral prompting is required or combine these with one of our Waistcoat Harness’s to provide complete proximal support. The High-Rise Flexible Thoracic Support Pads work like a pair of hands to mimic the feel and control of holding a child in a corrected position and come in a number of different lengths to accommodate children of different body shapes.

Leg Positioning

With a number of different control options windsweeping, abduction and adduction can be easily influenced or controlled using our standard leg positioning accessories. Consider using the Leg Positioning Pads in conjunction with the Fixed Angle Simple Footplate and Sandals to create an abducted leg position to aid with promoting good hip health.

Alternatively use the easy to attach Long Leg Sitting Board to provide either a more stable platform of support for the upper body in children with small femoral length or to promote a good hamstring stretch.

Foot Positioning

Recognising the importance of effective foot positioning the Atom has the choice of two different footplate options. Use either the Fixed Angle Simple Footplate which offers a wider platform for seating in abduction or the Angle Adjustable Flip-away Footplate with angle control for children who require plantar or dorsi flexion control.

The child’s feet can then be precisely positioned using a number of standard accessories, Sandals, Sandals with Ankle Snugs and not forgetting our innovative Booties which offer gentle positioning for the smallest of feet. Alternatively where such precise positioning isn’t needed consider using the comfortable padded Footplate Pad.

Height Adjustment

Use the Y base (now available in 3 colours) where you want the ultimate access to your environment, low enough to access nursery (kindergarten) height tables and high enough to comfortably sit at the dining table or breakfast bar at home.

All height adjustment is done with our safe and simple foot operated pump mechanism. Consider utilising the wide range of tilt-in-space and setting the seat the best height for each transfer in and out of the product to maximise safe transfers for everyone.

Even our simple bases come in two different heights to offer the best access to the required environment, Low for peer group interaction at home or nursery (kindergarten) and High for interacting with adults at the dining table – both offer tilt-in-space for easier transfers and supporting tired heads.

Tool Free Adjustments

No more hunting around for the right sized Allen key or wrench! Simply loosen wing knobs or operate the button release mechanisms to make those fine tune adjustments that make Atom the easiest to use seating system on the market. An ideal solution in multi-user environments, with Atom quickly and easily adjusted between different children.

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