Freedom Trax

FREEDOM TRAX is a motorized track device designed as an attachment for manual wheelchairs. When attached, Freedom Trax allows a manual wheelchair to traverse sand, snow, gravel and mud. Freedom Trax adjusts in many different ways accommodating most wheelchairs on the market.

Enjoy and experience the real outdoors, stunning scenery and wildlife.
Explore the beach and beautiful coastal scenery!
Freedom Trax has been designed to cruise over any type of terrain : cobblestone, mud, grass…

Controlled by a simple to use joystick, the FT1 can be driven on sandy ground, forest trails, snow or even gravel. The lightweight, sturdy and versatile vehicle can be easily folded to be stored in the boot of a car. The Freedom Trax platform can be mounted without assistance. Its wheelbase is adjustable for wheel widths between 50 and 58 cm, which allows it to be adapted to most currently used wheelchairs.

Feature specification
Weight Capacity: 250lbs
Overall Weight: 68 lbs
Overall Length: 43″
Device Height: 9″
Maximum Speed: 2.9 MPH
Operating Range: 5 miles
Anti-Tip Wheels: 6″
Battery: Lithium Ion 24 Volt
Controller: Handheld Joystick
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