Bingo Spex Stroller

Product Code: AR - wonderseat

A Breakthrough in Rehabilitative Stroller Seating Introducing the latest innovation from the designers of the revolutionary SPEX® seating system – the SPEX Wonderseat. SPEX clinical seating technology as developed originally for wheelchairs is now available with one of the world’s leading rehabilitation strollers, the Bingo OT. Download Wonderseat flyer HERE

A special edition of SPEX seating has been carefully developed so therapists can now provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex seating needs with the freedom of a stroller rather than a wheelchair.

The Bingo Spex Stroller provides a solution for paediatrics that’s never been seen before. For children with positioning needs where a stroller is the preferred option for the family, the Bingo Spex Stroller provides an optimum seating support designed to accommodate even the most challenging requirements!

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Adjustable Seating – Adjustable Stroller

Bingo Spex Stroller combines perfectly with the innovative and modern rehab stroller – the Bingo OT. The adjustability of both the seating and stroller systems provides the maximum benefits for children with complex requirements.

Wonderseat package:

  • Spex cushion
  • Spex back support
  • Axial lateral supports
  • Forearm supports
  • Feet sandals

Seating options:

  • Hip belt positioning
  • Shoulder harnesses
  • Comfi head supports

Bingo OT package:

  • Bingo OT mobility base in Matte black
  • Elevating legrest allowing for contractures 85° – 160°
  • Open footrest platform
  • Tray table
  • Sun canopy
  • Basket
  • Transport tie-downs

Bingo OT options:

  • Oxygen bottle holder
  • IV pole
  • Ventilator for respiratory equipment
  • Height adjustable indoor base – Cobra
  • Weather gear

See Specifications in Flyer. Click HERE to download it.