Spex DualTec Cushion

A quality non-contoured cushion that responds to the user’s sitting position and redistributes pressure forces. Comes with standard wipe-down incontinence cover and washable Spacer fabric cover is an accessory if required.


Designed for the user who requires a low-level postural cushion, yet desires comfort. An excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Have a mild-moderate risk of tissue breakdown.
  • Require simple pressure relief.
  • Need dynamic sitting flexibility.
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • High quality specific dual foam layers offer superior comfort and promote even pressure distribution while moulding to body shape
  • Flat and non-contoured
  • Can be used in vehicles, chairs and lounge seating
  • Self-contouring ‘mould and hold’ to the user’s pelvis
  • Add the rigidiser when using on a fabric seat base for enhanced support

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