Specialist Wheelchair Tool Kit

Price: $99.00

Have you ever wished you had all the perfect tools so you can do your own adjustments to your wheelchair, and all in the one place?With this new Active Rehab tool kit you can do basic adjustments yourself with ease. You have all you will need right at your fingertips!Free postage

This tool kit has a hard cover and is compact so perfect for therapists, or busy families on the go. If any adjustments are needed you have the tools you need right there. We have personally designed this tool kit so it includes the appropriate tools for most if not all wheelchairs, and special needs equipment.

This Tool kit includes:

  • Hard cover case with an extra pocket for storing goodies
  • Adjustable wrench (shifter)
  • Full set of Metric Allen keys
  • Full sett of Imperial Allen Keys
  • Goniometer
  • Soft touch tape measure
  • Ratchet spanner 13mm
  • Ratchet spanner 11mm
  • Ratchet spanner 10mm
  • Ratchet spanner 8mm

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