Magic Mobility Extreme X8

The Magic Mobility Extreme X8 gives you the freedom that you always knew you had. With a top speed of 10 kilometres per hour, the Extreme X8 off-road 4×4 electric wheelchair combines rugged construction and high torque gear in line motors. Articulated frame technology helps keep all four driving wheels on the ground as the 14” low pressure tyres give the traction required to overcome what some say is impossible.

The Extreme X8 will be your partner to just about any destination. Sand, snow and every territory you can throw at it. With unrivalled off-road performance and reliability, the Extreme X8 is perfect for outdoor adventures, explorers and rural workers. If the great outdoors is where you want to be, the Extreme X8 is waiting to take you there.

Four independent, high speed, high torque and high efficiency motors

With a top speed of 10km/h, the motors provide more than just speed. Four high torque, powerful motors enable you to confidently ascent a wide variety of challenging terrain. These highly efficient motors help maximise battery life providing you the confidence to really get adventurous.

Unbeatable kerb and step climbing ability

The Extreme X8 eats kerbs and small steps for breakfast, driven by four independent motors, off-road low pressure knobby tyres and articulating front suspension

Articulating front frame with low pressure knobby tyres

Exceptional suspension keeps all four driving wheels on the ground, giving you an ultra smooth and jolt free ride. Combined with low pressure off-road knobby tyres, you’ll experience the smoothest ride yet as you traverse the bumps and changes in terrain with confidence.

Colour and finish options

You can choose from six vibrant colours and two specialised hydrographics. You can also choose your own custom colour from the Deluxe colour range at extra cost. Magic Mobility can also cater to more custom finishes, including decals.


Puncture resistant tyres upgrade

Magic Mobility worked with an Australian rubber manufacturer to develop an aramid fibre reinforced rubber compound for puncture resistance. The challenge was to ensure that our off-road knobby tyres could still maintain the extremely low PSI.

Puncture resistant tyre liners provide peace of mind for those concerned about leaks and punctures when going off-road.


Steering lock upgrade

The steering lock is ideal for going off-road and tackling obstacles, locking the wheels into place and ensuring you keep the right line over rough terrain. This is particularly useful for climbing kerbs and steep inclines.

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