Jenx Junior

Created with significant input from parents, the Junior has been designed to incorporate the maximum in terms of functionality, flexibility and style.  New options for wider back pads, a extension post and extra padded seating mean that it also grows with the child too.  Combine this with the adjustable back angle, tilt-in-space, two piece back and lumbar support, innovative leg control options and a choice 5 different  coloured covers and you have a seating system that not only meets all needs from mild to complex, but can be specifically tailored to an individual too.

Pelvic Positioning

Pelvic stability is the basis of a good sitting posture and is hugely important in achieving improvement in posture and function. The unique contoured seat with integral memory foam pad feature of Junior is an area of the seat support that can be tailored to offer exactly the right base surface for each child. The memory foam pad allows the child’s Ischial Tuberosities to be held firmly and comfortably, contributing to a stable pelvic posture. This has been found to offer benefits of stability and tone reduction to even very high tone children.

In addition the 4 point lap strap (included as standard) can provide a 45 degree pull which helps to ensure pelvic postural stability and prevent the child slipping either forwards into sacral sitting or sideways when pelvic obliquity will result. Furthermore the optional ischial bar will provide help in preventing very floppy or very active children from slipping into sacral sitting.

Foot Positioning

With a height adjustable footplate the feet are supported at just the right height for each child. The angle of the footplate is adjusted using a simple, easily accessible knob at the front of the footplate. This offers individual positioning and provides many different levels of support and different resting angles for different children depending on the requirements of their tone, any contractures present and their weight-bearing ability or requirement. If a child can self transfer or if they are hoisted and need the footplate out of the way, it can simply flip up out of the way and is held in place by magnets.

Trunk Positioning

The Junior seating system comes with a range of thoracic and hip support pads, in a range of sizes. These are made from flexible and hygienic PU and are available either as a wrap around support or with adjustable chest strap, or as a shorter prompt support without strap. This means, when combined with the integral 4 point lap strap too, that they can be tailored to manage simple or complex postural needs such as bracing a scoliosis or accommodating other skeletal deformities.

Head Positioning

The Junior seating system has two head support options – a simple headrest for children who require minimal head support or the original and innovative Jenx Multigrip headrest.

The Multigrip headrest is now available in 3 sizes and is designed to mimic the support given by hands. It has individual “fingers” which can be adjusted to cushion, support and control almost any head position. The Multigrip headrest also has padded, removable and washable covers, whilst the fixing brackets are themselves can provide adjustment for height, depth and angle. This design also means it’s possible to block areas that may otherwise pose a hazard to children prone to getting their heads stuck beneath more conventional headrest designs, when used in conjunction with shoulder protractors.

Ease of Transfer

Every support pad and accessory on the Junior seating system is designed to quickly and easily flip away without being removed, therefore enabling safe and secure transfer into the seat whether the child is being lifted, hoisted or self transferring. Plus, with the tilt-in-space engaged, the Junior provides the ability to optimise the child’s seating position as soon as they have transferred.

Open Design

The Junior by Jenx has been specifically designed to enable an and immediately clear view of how the child in the chair is seated. It is possible to clearly see their pelvis, legs, trunk and head to ensure everything is positioned in the optimal position for that child and that they are therefore comfortable, happy and well supported in their activities.

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