Jenx Junior +

Created with significant input from parents, the Junior has been designed to incorporate the maximum in terms of functionality, flexibility and style.  New options for wider back pads, a extension post and extra padded seating mean that it also grows with the child too.  Combine this with the adjustable back angle, tilt-in-space, two piece back and lumbar support, innovative leg control options and a choice 5 different  coloured covers and you have a seating system that not only meets all needs from mild to complex, but can be specifically tailored to an individual too.

The Junior+ is one of the latest seating systems from Jenx, building on the highly popular Junior system and offering increased comfort for children with disabilities. The Junior+ offers highly flexible supportive seating for children from 18 months – 12 years. An outstanding level of versatility is achieved through a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options as well as a choice of bases, meaning each Junior+ can be exactly tailored to the needs of any individual child. The contoured seat unit constructed from super-soft polyurethane and memory foam provides unparalleled comfort and the perfect base for true pelvic stability. Created in conjunction with children, parents, therapists and care staff, the Junior+ has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to meet a wide range of needs – meaning every child can be comfortable and perfectly supported, allowing them to get on with playing and learning.

Pelvic Positioning

Pelvic stability is the basis of a good sitting posture and is hugely important in achieving improvement in posture and function. The unique contoured seat with integral memory foam pad feature of Junior is an area of the seat support that can be tailored to offer exactly the right base surface for each child. The memory foam pad allows the child’s Ischial Tuberosities to be held firmly and comfortably, contributing to a stable pelvic posture. This has been found to offer benefits of stability and tone reduction to even very high tone children.

In addition the 4 point lap strap (included as standard) can provide a 45 degree pull which helps to ensure pelvic postural stability and prevent the child slipping either forwards into sacral sitting or sideways when pelvic obliquity will result. Furthermore the optional ischial bar will provide help in preventing very floppy or very active children from slipping into sacral sitting.

Head Positioning

Our head position has a number of important influences on our overall posture and function. Appropriate head support in both sitting and standing is vitally important to the social, emotional, intellectual and physical outcomes of activities.

Ideal head positioning depends not only on the intimate cradling or support but also on the ability to bring that support to the correct place. The Jenx Junior has a range of head support options to ensure this.

For those who are unable to hold their head up when feeding, the Jenx Multigrip™ headsupport can be used to support the chin and make feeding easier and more enjoyable.

Trunk Positioning

Trunk position is just as important as hip, knee, feet or head positioning. Failure to support a child’s trunk appropriately may lead to the spine of those children with spasticity or poor muscle strength being pulled into a curve or scoliosis. This in time will reduce their ability to breath properly and may lead to other health problems.

Trunk supports on the Jenx Junior+ are adjustable for height and width and in long or short styles. Trunk support should be addressed once the child has a stable base in sitting and any necessary hip support in position. Trunk support will then aid the child to maintain an upright posture with the benefits of comfort, function and freedom to breathe that a well supported trunk position offers.


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