Jenx Corner Seat

An adjustable floor based seating system that offers support in long sitting for infants and young children from 6 months to approximately 10 years. The Corner Seat includes an adjustable back height and can be used with or without the upper back support. An abduction block is also included to help keep a child positioned correcty placing their hips neatly into the back of seat.

Midline positioning is maintained by the corner design of the system and, if you prefer to have a flat back with wings at the side, there are small triangular cushions available to place at the back to provide this setting.

Long Leg Sitting Support

Enables long leg sitting, with the legs stretched out in front, which provides the child with a stable platform to support their upper body. In addition, long leg sitting helps to maintain the length of muscles behind the knee.

Trunk Positioning

Sturdy “wings” and corner design help to maintain symmetry of the child’s spine.

Enables Floor Sitting and Peer Group Interaction

Simple first seat to introduce children to floor sitting, and is great for peer group interaction at school or home, either with or without the Nursery Table attached for additional upper trunk support and play surface.

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