Baffin Automatic

Multi positioning device

The Baffin automatic is here to revolutionise sitting and standing by combining the two functions into the one product.

Your 2nd spine

The Baffin features a built in spine system which can move and twist to mimic an actual spine. This means that the baffin can be adjusted and custom moulded to fit the users body shape perfectly.

Sit lie or stand

Get the benefits of both a seating system and a standing frame in the once piece of equipment. This is not only cost effective, only needing the one product, but its a space saver.


Baffin has a range of accessories to choose from so it can be configured and customised to suit each and every user.


  • Push handle with brake system
  • Easy remote control
  • Ajustment of the tilt angle to suit contactures
  • Kneepads to secure standing position
  • Can be used for standing, sitting or lying
  • Tilt in space
  • Patented second spine enables corrective positioning of the back support
  • Multi positioning head support
  • Adjustable lateral supports
  • Grows with the user in seat width and depth
  • Accomodates pelvic obliquity
  • Separate foot platforms with height and angle and position adjustment
  • Leg abduction belts
  • Adjustable armrest height and angle
  • Activity tray

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