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Special Tomato EIO Pushchair
The EIO Push Chair is a paediatric stroller designed for children from early intervention to pre-adolscent ages.
Special Tomato Sitters
The Special Tomato Soft-Touch Sitter is the ideal choice for adaptive seating for children ages 1-2. This soft-to-the-touch seat provides a seating experience for
Special Tomato Soft Touch Liners
Special Tomato’s Soft-Touch Liners are an indoor seating option to upgrade your stroller with portable positioning.

Live Life.

We believe that Active Rehab is a life-enabler. We help you to to live the life you want to live. This is our purpose, or reason for being. We are not just here to sell equipment, we are here to help you live your life.

“So happy with the service and support received from Kelvin and the team at Active Rehab! My son has the best chance of achieving all his goals now!”Jess Eastaugh – Parent

“Charlie is very excited to have her wheelchair. Thanks Active!”Charlie’s Mum

“I would recommend Active Rehab to anyone because of customer service, and products, that makes our son comfortable and secure.”Kara – Parent

Active Rehab have been WONDERFUL! Right from Kelvin helping with the trial, to Malcolm’s help with the final fit.Claire, Melbourne Victoria

“Harry was so excited to receive his little wave today. Zooming everywhere and cornering like a pro! Thanks Team!❤”Katie Bertram, Parent, Stawell

Attending a Zoom meeting for an equipment trial with Darryl. It worked super well using the tablet and phone with myself on the other end. The way I was shown around the equipment was great, felt like I was there. Thank you…Laura Kinnersly, Occupational therapist