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Fun In Action with Felix & Isabella

There is nothing the team at Active Rehab love more than helping our clients reach their full potential, giving them the independence they deserve, and seeing the difference we can make in their lives.

Felix and Isabella are two very energetic, and fun-loving siblings who live near Williamstown in Victoria. Life isn’t always easy for the family as the two siblings tire quickly and can’t walk long distances due to the medical condition they both have. Felix and Isabella needed some new wheels to help them get around and become more independent.

The team at Active Rehab understand it can be challenging choosing a wheelchair with so many factors to take into consideration. The siblings needed lightweight chairs that folded small to be able to fit into mum and dad’s cars. After trialing a range of different chairs with Active Rehab the conclusion was reached that the Zippie Xcape was the perfect solution. Felix and Isabella were able to customise their chairs by picking different colours for their frames, Felix opting for ‘candy red’ and Isabella selecting ‘Hot sparkle pink’ with a ‘Candy purple’ cross brace.

Felix and Isabella gave us the special opportunity to capture them living life in their new wheelchairs. As you can see in the photos, they sure don’t let anything stop them…There is a lesson for all of us on positivity, resilience, and overcoming to be learnt from these two action packed siblings💕

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