Introducing Yomper....Propel Effortlessly! 

Yomper+, the French electric assistance for manual wheelchairs with rigid or foldable frames....Read on to find out more on our new and exclusive power assist

Discreet and intuitive motorization

  • KEEP YOUR MANUAL WHEELCHAIR -The Yomper+ is compatible with most rigid or folding frame wheelchairs. If your wheelchair is foldable, it will remain so thanks to its retractable support 😉. How ? We only add a mounting bracket under your wheelchair.

  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Two small wheels (at the front of your Yomper+) and a raised handle allow you to easily attach and/or detach it from your wheelchair. You don’t need to lift it, even though it is light (5.8 kg).

  • SIMPLE TO USE – The combination of its innovative positioning in the axis of your wheelchair and its ability to freewheel allows you to perfectly maintain the dynamics of your wheelchair.

Smooth and safe driving

  • EASYGO: WIRELESS CONTROL BOX – Intuitive and reassuring, the EasyGo control box can be installed either on the wheelchair tube or on your leg. 100% customizable , configure your Yomper+ according to your apprehension and your physical strength directly from this small box.

  • ADAPT YOUR DRIVING TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT – The 5 speeds per mode (indoor or outdoor) allow you to adapt your speed to your environment. Take care of your shoulders and arms even when traveling in difficult conditions (slopes, grass, gravel, etc.) .

  • STEERING WITH HANDRAILYou will no longer need to propel yourself with the strength of your arms, the Yomper+ will do it for you. The only thing you will have to do is steer with your handrails . Finally, you can brake the wheelchair with the handrims in indoor mode.

Take it everywhere!

  • SMALL BUT MIGHTY – Discreet, it is forgotten but remains an ally for your travels thanks to a powerful 250W motor capable of reaching a speed of up to 10 km/h. Energy efficient, it has a range of up to 35 km. It facilitates your daily trips whether in town or in the countryside.

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT – The Yomper+ is barely noticeable and remains handy at all times. Compact and lightweight, it will be your travel companion thanks to its standard carrying case included.


    Whichever type of battery you choose, you can fly with the Yomper+!
    In fact, all Yomper+ batteries are certified to comply with air transport regulations.

    Also designed for your companion

    We also thought of the person who can push you on a daily or occasional basis. It can connect a third party controller to the Yomper+ with a cable. The speed is controlled with a simple variator (pusher)  without any loss of performance.

    It allows a  companion or carer to drive and control the wheelchair while walking behind the user, without any effort.

    As the motor is positioned in the axis of the wheelchair directly under the seat, there is no rear offset Your companion will have no discomfort at the level of his feet to come and push

Weight: 5.8kg

Max user weight: 150kg