Spex Comfi Back Support

The Comfi Back Support is a simplistic and affordable solution to basic contouring needs, designed to counter skin breakdown issues and increase air flow.

Skin breakdown is most often caused by three combined extrinsic factors: Pressure, shear and moisture. Instant immersion and auto conforming foam, coupled with Air-Flow technology ensure that these factors are addressed and ultimate comfort is achieved for the user.
Instant immersion / auto-conforming of the foam support unit is achieved through the combination of thermosensitive foam and cube technology. The ability to tear off cubes also allows accomodation for bony prominences or relief for tender spots or lesions. It provides ultra-conformability over contour build ups – e.g. shape created using Medifab’s Tessellated Shape System – moulds without resistance to both concave and convex flexion.
Full Air-Flow technology enhances user experience, reducing moisture entrapment and enabling faster evaporation. This also extends the foam lifespan (moisture breaks down many materials and accelerates deterioration).
The Comfi Back Support is easy to set up for both supplier and prescriber – a truly ‘no fuss’ system that automatically contours itself to the user’s back.
Swap out the upholstery unit at any future point to full Spex contouring system if required, utilising same shell & mounting hardware.
The Comfi Back Support comes as standard in a full-height Spex-style shell, with outer breathable cover. It can also be scripted to suit the Vigour range of back shells.


  • Suitable for less mobile client requiring a high degree of comfort and moderate contouring support
  • Suitable for geriatric users who need comfort, minor shaping and pressure-relieving back surface
  • Designed for the individual who requires a solid back support to assist with mild to moderate postural needs
  • Ideal to assist clients who may need pressure relief in identified areas
  • The cut grid shape and configuration creates a mild suspension effect which provides comfort and increases sitting tolerance


  • Comfortable pressure reducing foam surface layer to absorb bony prominences.
  • Cubes allow tear-off function to remove pressure areas
  • Dual-layer cover reduces shear forces
  • Breathable Air-Flow holes combined with air-mesh fabric on back counters moisture and temperature
  • Swap out the upholstery unit at any future point to full spex contouring system if required, utilising the same shell and mounting hardware

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