Schuchmann Marcy

I am your anterior walking aid, and will assist you in your very first attempts to walk.

I can hardly wait to start off with you! I will support your balance and simultaneously train your torso musculature. You can adapt my wheelbase to suit: if you adjust it so that it is somewhat shorter, I become highly manoeuvrable and you can move me better. I give you more security and support with a long wheelbase. If you find it hard to walk in a straight line, I am happy to assist you with my direction locks.

What marcy. can do: 

  • For more individuality:
    The handles can be adapted in height and width
  • For extra stability:
    Three dimensionally-adjustable forearm supports stabilise the gait
  • For extra safety:
    Friction brakes on the rear wheels slow down the speed; the optional parking handbrake gives more control – also in combination with the lower armrests
  • For improved directional stability:
    Direction locks for the front wheels
  • For easy transfer:
    PU tyres are durable
  • For extra mobility:
    Adjustable wheelbase
  • For more variety:
    The storage basket provides space for toys or drinks
  • For simple transport:
    The aluminium frame is highly compact; sizes 2+3 can be folded

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