Safe Surround Plus Bed

Safety and certainty for both the user and the carer! The Safe Surround Plus bed provides a safe environment for active people with challenging behavior.

There is plenty of space with these big fun beds!

The Plus Surround Bed is built in an extremely stable manner, being specially designed to meet any child’s medical, physical or behavioural needs.  This bed was designed for those children with restless motor functions or seriously disruptive behaviours and who are physically ambulatory and need a safe environment to both sleep and play.  With the roomy internal measurement and door height options, this bed can protect almost any active child from harming themself.

A child’s safety is the number one concern for parents/care-givers who have fear and anguish over the possibility of a child hurting themself at night.  Every parent, and household for that matter, needs the safety and peace-of-mind against misfortunes with the knowledge that their child is secure in their bed at night, and that what was once a fear of midnight harm is now a dream of safety that has come true.

Plus also serves to encourage and facilitate proper motion. It is suitable for children who, in spite of illness and disability, possess sufficient motor competence to effect the transfer into and out of bed independently.

Safety Features:

  • Safe interior to prevent entrapment of head or limbs.
  • Two handed exterior door release system with special locking system that prevents the doors being opened from the inside.
  • Unique door hinge system that doesn’t entrap fingers.
  • High quality fittings and locking mechanisms.
  • Power cut-off plug. When the hand switch is not activated (power disconnected state) all electrical components of the bed are disconnected from the mains and therefore no electricity is used. Electric and magnetic fields in the bed are prevented.
  • Maintenance-free DC motors and manual safety switch.
  • Emergency lowering in the case of power failure
  • Special wooden surface coating that seals the surfaces for maximum hygiene. Sweat and saliva resistant wood treatment in accordance with DIN 71-3 Children’s Toys Safety Act.

Plus Features:

  • Strong, stable construction with external door locking bar to prevent doors being opened by force.
  • Generous interior gives a safe environment for day time play etc.
  • Superb visibility between the lattices activates the client’s visual cognition.
  • Mattress level can be lowered to enable independent transfers.
  • Mattress level can be raised to assist carers when tending to the client to reduce the risk of back strain.
  • Contouring sleeping platform provides postural comfort.
  • High quality craftsmanship – durable Beech timber with attractive aesthetics.


  • 4 height options
  • Pressure relief mattress (#7956 0012)
  • Padded internally (POA)
  • Plain flat platform (#7955 0048)
  • Incontinent mattress cover (#7955 0027)
  • Perspex glazing

Sleep Safe and Buy with Confidence

These beds are certified for quality management by prestigious Berlin Testing Institute (Berlin Cert) as manufacturer of medical devices in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485

  • Safe Surround Beds are registered and listed with the FDA
  • Design of beds has virtually no gaps in all “7 zones of Entrapments”
  • Thousands of satisfied customers including hospitals, children homes and institutions.

SizeSafe Surround 135 BedSafe Surround 170 Bed
Door Height135 cm170 cm
Mattress Level to Top of Door129 cm164.5 cm
Internal Dimensions200 x 100 cm
External Dimensions215 x 111 cm
Weight Limit150 kg
Distance Between Railings44 mm
Platform Height (top of mattress)Max. 87 cm
Overall Height176 cm211 cm
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