Pango Chair

Price: $1,095.00$1,250.00

The pango is our new activity classroom chair for children with mild to moderate positioning needs. Its attractive and intelligent design features a cushioned seat and back, angle adjustable back, height and depth adjustable seat, and pelvic belt. In this iteration of Circle Specialty equipment, we included the unique feature of seat to floor angle adjustability. We understand how posture and stability increase your child’s confidence and willingness to engage in daily living activities. That is why we included a variety of accessories and customizations to make this chair truly yours.   This chair package comes with armrests, and a hip belt. To purchase the accessories see the links under each accessory in the description. 

The Pango’s variety of accessories address your child’s unique requirements. This chair for daily living is versatile, adjusting for support, movement, or hands-on activities.

Accessories can be easily added or removed as activities change throughout the day or over longer periods of time.