Next generation positioning cushions

Next Generation Positioning Cushions are developed to stabilize and make sure that your patient is pressure relieved with the aim of making the best opportunities for 24 hour positioning.

All NGT cushions are filled with small, oval-shaped, dynamic bullets. They are soft and still able to stabilize. Even after 50,000 times of pressure loading, they still keep their shape and stability. The bullets are sealed, waterproofed, anti-bacterial and fire retardant. Other benefits of bullet technology include protection against heat and moisture accumulation.

Next Generation Positioning Cushions have a weight and stability that will make sure that the patient stays in position without collapsing of the cushion. The shape of the bullets ensures that the fillings will stay in the same positioning you have placed them, even over time. The cushion can be adjusted in areas, so it supports the person’s body shape and needs. Next Generation
Positioning Cushions also allow for micro positioning, for cases where isolation of tender or healing injuries is ideal.

The fabric is made in a PU material, so it is breathable, stretchable, anti-bacterial, waterproof and fire retardant. The PU material is approved against liquid penetration and used for PPE classification 3B Standard against Virus penetration.Next Generation Positioning Cushions are easy to clean and maintain. We recommend wiping them with disinfectants. They will dry and be ready for use within a few minutes.

Download the brochure to see each individual cushion and their details