Josi Stroller

Enjoy a jog around the park or a ride around the block with help from the Josi Jogging Stroller / Bicycle Trailer. This versatile stroller makes outings fun for the whole family. This is the best activity stroller on the market, folding neatly to fit in the back of the family car.

For the ultimate in “go anywhere any way you want,” look no further than the Josi Jogging Stroller and Bicycle Trailer. This multi-functional jogging stroller allows you to provide comfortable and secure outings with children or adults with limited mobility easily.

The Josi Jogging Stroller features 20″ rear wheels, a 12.5″ front wheel, and an adjustable suspension that makes gliding over sidewalks, pavement, and outdoor trails a joy to experience. With the optional bicycle set, you can simply covert the Josi into a bicycle trailer, allowing you and your loved one to enjoy a ride together outdoors. Add the optional 7″ swivel wheel for easy steering while indoors. There are also a number of support options to choose from so you can ensure the most comfortable ride possible.

Transporting the Josi Jogging Stroller is easy thanks to a folding frame that makes storage a cinch. Just pop off the quick release rear wheels, remove the cushions, and fold.

Standard Features include: 
20″ Rear quick release wheels (20X2.15) including drum brakes
2 Separate brake levers (locking)
Adjustable suspension shock absorbers
Powder coated aluminum frame
Adjustable center of gravity with 4 axles positions
Canopy with window (cover)
Ergonomic adjustable push handles
Padded armrests;
Tilt bar
Padded 5 point harness
12.5″ Jogging wheel
Padded material
Foot bench adjustable

The Josi Jogging Stroller and Bicycle Trailer is available in three sizes: 

Small – For users up to 4 feet teall and 187 lbs.
Medium – For users up to 5 feet tall and 187 lbs.
Large – For users up to 6 feet 2 inches tall and 187 lbs