The Glide Series 2 Leisure Plus manual wheelchair integrates the durable folding frame of the G2 with the addition of removeable full length armrests. This lightweight wheelchair is designed for the more active user who requires a versatile chair. This folding wheelchair is known for it's reliablity and durability.

Colour your glide

  • Silver Shadow
  • Horizon Blue (Light Blue)
  • Outback Red
  • Emerald Green (Dark Green)
  • Lemon Gold
  • Merlot (Dark Red)
  • Acid Green Metallic
  • Vivid Orchid (Purple)
  • Firestorm Red
  • Island Blue (Dark Blue)
  • Samurai Sunset (Orange)
  • Electric Blue
  • Gloss white
  • Black Onyx
  • Fluro Pink
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