Baffin Trio

The Baffin TRIO multifunctional device is designed to Sit and stand the client. The device consists of a seat, a backrest, side supports, a footrest with foot platforms, a headrest, a knee pad, hip belts, a harness, a table and a base that supports the device. The upholstery is breathable and can be removed for washing.

2nd Spine

The Baffin features a built in spine system which can move and twist to mimic an actual spine. This means that the baffin can be adjsuted and custom molded to fit the users bodyshape perfectly.

The spine allows the client to be supported along the entire length of the back line, which allows you to reduce the pressure on individual vertebrae, and the multi-position allows you to change the axial tension vector. Baffin TRIO allows you to build the correct posture pattern in sitting.


  • very large adjustment range – one device can accommodate a child with a height of 135 cm and an adult up to 170 cm;
  • great possibilities of passive posture correction in the sitting, standing and lying position;
  • the possibility of setting intermediate positions in order to obtain the greatest comfort for the patient;
  • the possibility of standing from any position – sitting, lying and intermediate positions;
  • transport function – one of the few devices in which we can move with the patient in a standing position;
  • great possibilities of adjusting to the anatomical shapes of the user;
  • a system of removable pads, hip supports and armrests that facilitate the transfer of the patient to the device;
  • a system of comfortable and adjustable armrests;
  • intuitive and friendly remote control.

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