Alltrack M3 Ascent – Stand up powerchair

The Alltrack M3 Power Wheelchair provides the perfect blend of indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance, ideal for active lifestyles. Thanks to the patented dual-action suspension, the Alltrack M3 Power Wheelchair enables users to easily navigate everyday obstacles both indoors and out. Each Alltrack M3 Power Wheelchair is fully modular and can be equipped with a wide array of positioning and electronic accessories providing exceptional performance and endless possibilitie The robust and maneuverable Alltrack M3 reaches new levels of function with the addition of a fully adjustable power standing option.

The Alltrack M3 Ascent features a purpose built, independent standing module complemented by power tilt/recline and power articulating center mount foot platform functions in addition to an optional power seat elevate module. This complete package is now available on a maneuverable mid-wheel drive (MWD) platform.

Retaining the balanced, stable performance of our existing Alltrack M3, the Ascent allows users to drive at a reduced speed while standing and offers the ability to adjust their position to meet physiological and functional needs.

Key features:

  • Mid-wheel drive maneuverability and reliable Alltrack performance
  • Fully modular and adjustable system
  • Capable of interfacing with a full complement of R-net and specialty drive controls
  • 250 lb (115 kg) weight capacity
  • Adjustable from 15”-24” wide
    and 16”-22” deep
  • Seat to floor height (STF) as low as 16.75” without a seat elevate module
  • Synchronized actuators for a smooth, natural standing motion
  • Independently adjustable and removable swing-away knee blocks for functional, less obtrusive look
  • 11” power seat elevate available but not required for standing function

Configuration Mid-wheel drive with standing function (Alltrack M3 Ascent)
Suspension system Patented Dual-Action Suspension:
Fully independent 6-wheel interactive suspension with vertical shock absorption
Ground clearance1 3.5” (90 mm) with a 14” (355 mm) drive wheel,
2.875” (75 mm) with a 12.5” (320 mm) drive wheel
Base width2 25.375” (645 mm)
Base length2 35.125” (890 mm)
Base turning radius 20” (510 mm)
Weight capacity 0-250 lb (0-114 kg)
4-Pole motor options 6.5 mph (10.5 kmh)
Transit option (Unoccupied) 4-point tie-down brackets (Standard)
Battery types Two 12 V, deep cycle Gel cell Group 24 (70 Ah)
Battery charger 8 A, off board
Electronics PG Drives R-net 120A
Assistive driving package Available with Smart-Track technology
Specialty controls Compatible with Switch-It, Stealth, ASL
or MO-VIS as well as other current systems
Seat width range Adjustable from 15” to 24” (380 mm to 610 mm) wide
Power seating options3 Power Tilt, Power Recline with Mechanical
Shear Reduction (MSR), Combination Power Tilt
and Recline with MSR, Center Mount
Elevating & Articulating Foot Platform,
Power Elevating Seat and Power Standing
Seat to floor height range
(With power tilt or seat elevate)*
16.75″ (425 mm) with 12.5″ (320 mm) drive wheel;
17.75″ (450 mm) with 14″ (355 mm) drive wheel
Seat to floor height range
(With combo power tilt and
seat elevate)*
18.5” (470 mm) with 12.5” (320 mm) drive wheel;
19.5” (495 mm) with 14” (355 mm) drive wheel
Components weights4 Base: 133 lb (60 kg)
Batteries: Group 24: 2 x 54 lb (24.5 kg)
Drive wheel diameter 12.5” or 14” (320 mm or 355 mm)
Caster wheel diameter 6” or 8” (150 mm or 205 mm)
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