Electric Adjustable Beds

An electric adjustable bed is a bed that has a multi-hinged base and mattress that can be moved to a number of different positions using an electric motor. Electric adjustable beds provide relief from various health conditions and are commonly used in hospitals, aged care facilities and homecare.

Why are electric adjustable beds useful?

Electric adjustable beds are convenient for carers, nurses and other health professionals, reducing the need to manually move patients and lowering the risk of injury.They provide comfortable sleep for people with chronic health conditions or post-surgery, by aiding circulation, breathing and swelling.

What adjustments can be made to electric adjustable beds?

Common adjustments include inclining the upper body and raising the lower body independently of each other. Our electric adjustable beds are available in various sizes and configurations, including single and double beds, bariatric beds, adjustable head and foot sections and floor line beds.

Finding the right electric adjustable bed

At Active Rehab, our goal is to help you find the adjustable bed that is best suited to you and your lifestyle. We stock a wide range of electric adjustable beds for hospitals, health facilities and homes. We’d love to match you with the perfect bed for a restful night’s sleep – contact us today.


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The 2300KSMH Bariatric Mental Health Series electric adjustable bed provides ultimate comfort for bariatric patients.

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Based on principles of comfort and safety, the Eurocare Viscount Bed range is the optimal solution for a home care bed to be used in the home environment. All bed functions are electronically controlled for increased ergonomic relief for the staff and the highest possible comfort level for the patients.

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The 7001GWMH Ward Series Nursing Care Bed is an electric adjustable bed with a central locking system that gives the carer total control.

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The EN9000 Endless electric adjustable bed is the first bed to meet low care, high care and bariatric needs.

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The 2000 Mark II Series electric adjustable bed features an upmarket, improved design that accommodates for basic care as well as those with more advanced needs.

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The 2300KS Bariatric Series electric adjustable bed provides ultimate comfort for bariatric patients.

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4000 MARK II SERIES General Ward Hospital Beds

The 4000 Mark II Series electric adjustable bed is a upmarket general ward hospital bed.

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The 6001IMP electric adjustable bed is the prime choice for nursing care environments.

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The 7001GW-D Double Bed is an electric adjustable bed designed to occupy two patients with all the necessary standard care features.

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The 7000 Ward Series Nursing Care Bed is an electric adjustable bed with a central locking system that gives the carer total control.

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The 8000D Double Series electric adjustable bed allows for two patients to be cared for in comfort and respect.

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Knut B bed

The NEW Knut B Bed is a customisable bed especially designed for children. With is nice timber finish and coloured accents its a friendly non-medical bed, that has all your needs catered for. We have only just started importing these amazing beds from Germany. book a trial with us today!

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