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The importance of standing

We have all heard that standing is important, so much so you can now get stand up desks, and timers which remind you to get up off your office chair and go for a short walk…but its not only important for able bodied people to stand, its very important for people with special needs to have standing time.

Benefits of standing

Bone Health:

Your bones will stay stronger through weight bearing activity such as standing and walking. The more weight they bear the denser they get to support you. When you don’t stand your body doesn’t focus on keeping your bones strong causing the bone density to drop which increases the risk of breaks and fractures. A standing aid can will help people with special needs stand with the support they need allowing their bones to bear a little weight. This in turns strengthens the bones over time.

Standing also aids in retaining healthy hip joints throughout your life   


With the lack of weight bearing and standing, muscle strength in the legs and trunk will weaken causing bad posture, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue. While standing you work the muscles in the core and lower extremities more effectively. Other ways standing can help the muscles are:

  • Aids in preventing contractures
  • Reduction in Spasticity
  • Improved hamstring length
  • Preserved Range Of Motion


Standing improves the function of the bowels and bladder. When standing gravity does its work reducing constipation and improving regularity. Standing also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and threat of kidney stones.

Heart and Lung:

A healthy circulatory and respiratory system is key for a happy and well life. This however can be challenging when you are sitting and lying all day. Sitting causes pressure in particular areas, can cause swelling and sores, restrict circulation, and can risk lower lung function. And when your in a sitting or lying position the heart is always at rest, it doesn’t need to pump hard to get oxygen and blood to the parts of the body it needs to be. And this constant resting can contribute to heart disease.

In a standing position the heart and lungs have a workout…the lungs can fill more, and blood can flow more freely around the body, and the heart has to pump harder against the pull of gravity in the legs. Standing reduces the risk of pressure ulcers and sores.

How can we help?

At Active Rehab our goal is to enhance your life and help you live life to your fullest potential. We do this with our vast range of special needs equipment, and that includes standers. We have a large variety of standers available for trial that suit all sorts of different needs and level of complexity. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you find the perfect fit, we are here to help you and your family!

Below is a list of the standers we have available, you can also see the range here

  • Leckey Squiggles stander
  • Leckey Squiggles+ stander
  • Leckey Mygo stander
  • Leckey Horizon stander
  • Leckey free stander
  • Leckey Tot stander
  • Jenx Supine stander
  • Jenx Monley stander
  • Jenx Multistander
  • Jenx Standz
  • Bantam stander
  • Smart stander

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