Zing Stander

The Zing MPS is the only multi-position stander that pivots two directions, allowing the unit to go from flat-to-load supine to 20 degrees prone in one motion. There is no need to transfer the user in and out, flip pads, foot plates and trays. This ability provides a therapeutic opportunity not possible with other standing frames. It is also one of the few standers that provides the option of up to 30 degrees of independent leg abduction.

The Zing MPS provides a new therapeutic opportunity to stand in supine, upright and prone without having to transfer the child in and out of the stander to switch between supine or prone standing. No need to flip pads, foot plates and trays to change positions. Tool-free adjustments and/or removal of support and positioning components adds to the ease of use.


30 degrees of independent leg abduction (60 degrees bilaterally)
A simple knob allows the entire leg to abduct up to 30 degrees, no need to re-adjust the foot plates or knee pads.

Unique Lift Mechanisms
The base unit is equipped with a prone position lockout to prevent inadvertently going past vertical. A gas spring lift lockout is available to prevent any inadvertent position changes which can be useful if other children are present during standing sessions. The Dual Control enables position changes by foot pedal or hand control.

Swing-away Tray
Multi-adjustable tray can swing either direction while remaining attached to the unit or it can be removed completely. This tray, when swung away but attached on one side of the stander, is close and well within reach once a transfer has been completed. The transfer height of the Zing MPS Size 1 is a comfortable 31″ from the floor surface.

Remarkably Modular
With 75 support and positioning components/accessories, it can be configured as a simple stander or fit a child with more complex needs. The support and positioning components available (independent and multi-adjustable foot plates, knee pads, calf pads and floating hip guides) make the Zing MPS one of the few multi-position standers that can accommodate contractures on one or both sides.

Size 1

Height Range                                                           up to 112cm

Weight Limit                                                            32kg

Transfer Height                                                      81cm

Centre of pelvic to hip belt range                        18-56cm

Upper body support range                                    10cm

Kneepad depth                                                       13cm

Kneepad inside width                                           6-13cm

Weight of unit                                                        25kg

Frame footprint                                                     51-71cm

Lifting                                                                      Gas spring

Angle                                                                       90 degrees supine, 20 degrees prone

Leg abduction                                                        30 degrees



Size 2

Height range                                                         102-152cm

User weight limit                                                 70kg

Transfer height                                                    79cm

Upper body adjustment range                          15cm

Product weight                                                     37kg

Frame footprint                                                   68x101cm

Lifting                                                                    Gas spring or electric

Angle                                                                      90degrees supine & prone

Leg abduction                                                      30 degrees