Triton Dual

Suited for small bathrooms with its compact footprint

It's compact footprint makes the Triton Dual suitable for small bathrooms making it an indispensable assistive technical aid in the care environment and an optimal solution for one-to-one transfers.

The Triton Dual is suitable for small bathroom thanks to its compact footprint making it an indispensable assistive technical aid in the care environment.

It is an optimal solution for one-to-one transfers (one caregiver assisting one patient) with the Triton Dual’s electrical seat tilt and adjustable backrest making it easier for users to find the most comfortable sitting position.

Additionally the Triton Dual’s lift height of 40cm helps both caregivers and users while its height adjustment allows an optimal positioning of the chair ensuring a correct working posture for the caregiver.

For users the height adjustment means increased independence as it’s possible to adjust the chair so users can reach the sink and look in the mirror, which assists them in their own personal hygiene.

  • Powered height adjustment (Soft Start/Stop)
  • Powered tilt function (7o/-30o) and adjustable backrest for more comfort and user stability
  • IPx6W rated: Can be cleaned in washing machines up to 250 times due to LINAK IPX6 Washable DURA (50 washes is standard)
  • Developed from the Easy-Clean principle, which means there are no small corners or edges. The chair has closed screws/joining and fully welded steel, which prevents water from entering the pipes. It is also treated with double coating which makes it rust resistant
  • Dual Security Function (It cannot be raised and tilted forward simultaneously)
  • Transport function via the hand control for safe transportation of the user
  • Two programmable memory buttons on the hand control for automatic positioning and adjustment
  • Multi adjustable headrest with integrated rod which does not scratch or damage the wall behind the toilet
  • Fits over all standard toilets and suitable for user in the shower

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