Technology that's driving the future of transportation

In-wheel suspension system for a softer ride and improved performance. SoftWheel's innovative suspension system transforms a rider's wheelchair experience! SoftWheel can help reduce pain and provide a more comfortable ride, giving you the freedom to go where you want. 
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Advanced Suspension Technology

Technology that’s driving the future of transportation – at the center of SoftWheel’s technology is an innovative in-wheel suspension system that improves a vehicle’s performance. The patented technology can be adapted to several personal mobility applications, providing unique benefits for each. This technology is currently driving innovation in the automotive, bicycle, and wheelchair sectors.

In-wheel Suspension

Suspension arms are set equidistant around a central hub to provide shock absorption, no matter the angle of impact from an obstacle.

Rigid Rim

The wheel rim is always rigid & strong, while the suspension arms & hub compress to provide shock absorption – and immediately reset to return the rider to a level ride.

Improves Performance

The advanced suspension system is placed around a central hub and actuates only when an obstacle or rough terrain is encountered, immediately returning the vehicle and rider to a level ride. The system provides 360° suspension, no matter the angle of impact.

Reduces Vibrations

Long-term exposure to vibrations has been demonstrated to have a negative impact on people’s health & comfort. Clinical studies have shown that wheelchair riders are exposed to vibrations that exceed the recommended exposure limits. Health risks associated with vibrations for wheelchair riders include lower back pain, effects on the spine, and muscle fatigue.

SoftWheel’s technology leads to a more stable & smooth riding experience over all types of terrain.

The innovative suspension & damping technology disperses the impact energy, thereby shortening the impact duration and shock magnitude transferred to the rider. Fewer vibrations are therefore transmitted to the rider, leading to a smoother, more comfortable ride. SoftWheels are more energy efficient, helping to maintain forward momentum, which can reduce fatigue.

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