Zeat Seat

Family time, Feeding and Play... Neat Zeat is a modular solution for activity, feeding and learning opportunities.

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The Zeat offers a modular indoor seating solution for activity, feeding and learning opportunities. Constructed of durable hardwood with a lacquer finish, the Neat Zeat looks great in any home or school environment.

Height adjustment grooves on the frame provide a huge growth range that can be easily adjusted with an Allen key.


We are in a world where everyone wants to fit in, yet so much special needs equipment can look clunky and screams “ disability equipment ”. However with the Zeat seat constructed with durable
hardwood, then covered in black maxi film and coated in a clear satin finish. It will fit into your everyday furniture and won’t stand out as something different. It truly looks great in any home or
school environment.


The Zeat Seat is extremely adjustable. This means that it can be used for a variety of activities, and suits a wide range of clients.

  • Backrest angle adjustable
  • Seat angle adjustable
  • Adjustable seat height (seat can be set low to the
  • Don’t need all the support? easily take away the
    laterals, and whatever you don’t need.


Children grow we all know that. Having to continually upgrade equipment because of growth spurts can be frustrating. However with the Zeat Seat you are sorted from 6 months until your child is an adolescent! There is huge growth adjustment range in the Zeat Seat, which is easily adjusted with using only an alen key. So no calling out a tech to grow the seat, you can do it all yourself as easy as that.


The Zeat Seat upholstery is made out of soft touch dartex which is easily wiped down. So perfect for dinner time.
The activity tray is also easily wiped down.